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Domain names and brand protection

Companies consist of resources such as people, buildings, machinery and technology. Your brands tie all this together and make it easy for customers and partners to relate to you. However, since brands are publically available, they can fall victim for misuse. It happens. Most importantly, what can you do to prevent it?

We offer different services to protect your brands online. Our broad-range services are capable of fulfilling your needs as an small business or international corporation. We are specialized in flexible solutions for larger corporations managing worldwide domain name portfolios.

domain names brand protection

Protect your brand

Anyone can register a domain name without having any relationship to the name. Get regular reports on your brand being registered in other top level domains, giving you the opportunity to take further action if necessary.

business and domain importance

Your business and domain names

If someone else registers your domain name and uses it to point to their own website, it will in the very least make it more difficult for customers to find you online.

domain protection

Domain name availability

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) controls what domain name extensions are in use. Every day, new extensions come into effect - the web is getting bigger.

domain cost calculation

The cost of brand protection

The low cost of domain name registration and its advantages far outweigh the costs associated with not having a strong internet presence. Please contact us for more information.