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What is a domain name?

Domain names explained

A domain name is a human friendly representation of a computer address. Computer addresses are represented by Internet Protocol (I.P.) addresses, like, but are not that easy to remember. Domain names are mapped to IP addresses in the Domain Name System (DNS). This way, you only need to remember 'www.hotlogic.co.uk' instead of Hotlogic's IP address.

The foundation of a website is its address. However, it's more than just your address on the web, it's also your online brand, which is why choosing the right domain name is so important. You want something that's unique, but still reflects your what your website is all about. Thankfully, with several top-level and country-code and second level domain names to choose from, your options are virtually limitless. First, you need to choose the type of domain name extension you want.

Domain name extensions

gTLDs - Generic Top Level Domains

.COM is an example of a Top Level Domain and is the most popular domain name extension in the world, but it's far from the only option, especially depending on the type of site you're creating. For example, charities and other non-profit organisations choose .ORG for their domain names.

Although not as well known as .COM, .ORG was one of the original domain extensions. Standing for "organization," it makes an ideal option to represent a business online. There are many other top-level domain extensions, even to the point of being restricted to the average consumer, such as .EDU (education), .GOV (government) and .MIL (military).

ccTLDs - Country Code Top Level Domains

Another option when choosing a domain name is a country-code TLD. Some of these are obvious, such as .US for the United States or .UK for the United Kingdom, while others have may indicate a particular market of their own. For example, .TV is the official domain extension for the island of Tuvalu, but thanks to its memorable abbreviation, it's become popular with movie hosting and television companies.

SLDs - Second Level Domains

A Second Level Domain is one that is directly to the left of the . (dot) in a Top Level Domain like '.UK". For example the '.CO' in '.CO.UK' is second level domain. Although they are Second Level Domains, they are no less important or effective than their TLD counterparts. You may prefer a domain with an extension like '.CO.UK' because you want to imply a more specific use than a TLD can.

Buying domain names

Now that you know what type of domain extensions are available, you can think about registering your domain name. As with any purchase, you want to buy from a company that provides excellent service and support. Hotlogic provides all of our domain names with outstanding support through friendly qualified staff. Anytime you have a question, there's someone here to help.