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What is the DNS?


The Domain Name System/Domain Name Service (DNS), came to life in 1983 as part of network technology, making it possible for people to create and use domain names for the things they wanted to access. It's a network service that translates names into Internet Protocol (I.P.) addresses.

Why is it so important?

We use the DNS to translate email addresses and web addresses, etc., but more often the DNS is being used invisibly by applications inside our phones and laptops, meaning we are enjoying it without even knowing it. Network providers like Verizon and Comcast also analyze DNS traffic to identify cyber security threats, or build service delivery platforms layered atop the DNS to create personally tailored Internet experiences for individual users.

Examples of DNS use:

Communication:- using your mobile phone, emails, SMS, tweeting etc - they all use the DNS to power the path of communication between you and the person or device that you are communicating with.

Domain Space:- by owning a domain name, you can attach as many devices, websites, email addresses etc. as you like to that domain name, thus giving you a globally unique identity.

In the near future, every product that is based on a silicon chip, whether automobile, microwave oven or thermostat will have the capability to connect to your home network, and DNS will be there to help. That's why registering a domain name is the first step in securing an identity for the future.

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